becoming a hhs model

We have so many people who are a loyal part of the HHS family, and now we want you to work with us to improve our training scheme. As a salon, we're always training and working to improve what we do for you, so we need models!

At HHS, we use models to train our staff in different areas such as colours and style, as well as training our junior stylists to help them qualify. If you're interested in becoming a model for HHS, complete the form below and you'll be automatically added to our Model Database*. There is no specific criteria for this - anyone can register their details on the database. If we need your help, you'll be contacted by a member of our team to check your availability. It's that simple!


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*By completing the form, it confirms your understanding that you will be assisting in different degrees of training for both apprentice and qualified staff. By agreeing to participate you are agreeing to being involved with this training, on the basis that any errors or inaccuracy will be modified or rectified by fully qualified employees.

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