There's nothing better than the feeling of being proud! Being proud of who you are, what you do and what you've achieved is everyone's aim in life, right?
When we reached 10 years old back in October, we thought this was an achievement more than any other that deserves recognition and celebration. We wanted to celebrate HHS, the community we've built as a business and a brand, and those around us who have supported us over the years. So back in November, we planned an event to do just that.

While we were planning, we realised celebrations of achievements just don't happen enough, and there's so many people who deserve recognition who we also wanted to hold a celebration for! There were two people in particular we believed deserved recognition and achievement for what they did for the community above all else...
First was Pete Reynolds and second was Barbara Rouse. You know these names well enough by now, but if you need a refresher, click here for Pete's journey and here for Barbara's! For both of them, involving yourself so heavily in such a cause is something that we find inspiring. So we incorporated the two into an event, and the event was a hit. We were thrilled with the turn out and couldn't be more thankful for the money we raised for Pete and his fundraising #TeamReynolds journey for charity. More than this though, we were happy the word was being spread. About HHS, about Barbara and her work, and about Pete and his journey. People were meeting and talking to one another, and new communities were being created right before our eyes. During the build up to our #HHS10YY event, the Bootle Champion even printed our story and this brought more of the community together, and that's what's brought us to write this post this week.

Recently, we were printed by the Champion for a second time relating to the event. We're so lucky to be in the headlines twice for this, but we've also worked so hard and we're glad the word can be spread about how wonderful the journey has been! The best part is that the article isn't all about us, it's about someone else who we've brought to the attention of others, and this could do wonderful things for her! We've made a friend in Barbara, we've also brought her work and Pete's journey to the attention of others and we've shown how we really wouldn't be where we are without our community. So, after all this, why are we proud of a simple article in the local paper? Being proud of an achievement like this may not seem like much to others, but it shows how far we've come, and what simple appreciation can do. HHS has expanded in Bootle via Harrison's Tea Room and HHS Luxury Chauffeur Service, and Bootle as a community has welcome HHS as a brand with open arms. From this we've created our own little community and we wouldn't change it for the world. So, this is just a quick thank you from all of us, for the recognition of our hard work and for the appreciation - it's what keeps us going! It's also a quick reminder to keep supporting each other. Something small to you could be massive for somebody else!

Here's to the next 10 years.

Team HHS x


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