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£1211.75 Raised for Liver Foundation🌟

Thanks to all our amazing clients and friends, our 10 Year Anniversary charity night and 10 Years Younger makeover was a massive success 
Barbara Rouse was overwhelmed by the whole 10 years younger makeover experience, which was timed perfectly as Barbara has just celebrated her birthday and said it the best birthday present she’s ever had! There wasn’t a dry eye at the event whilst Barbara told us how much it meant to her to get recognition for all the voluntary work she has done over the years in the Bootle community, the place she loves!
Pete Reynolds also gave an inspiring speech about his battle to regain his health after his liver transplant and how it wasn’t an option not to give something back.  It was the day after surgery whilst he was in his hospital bed that he came up with idea to do a series of challenges over a 12 month period, including at least 6 mammoth cycles and the Lake Windermere Great North swim.  He Joked of still being delusional on the drugs from the operation but he stuck to his promise and after months of serious training whist battling with his health he has already cycled two challenges, the 100 mile Birmingham Velo and the 60 mile Manchester to Blackpool midnight cycle.  His next challenge is going to be a 140 mile coast to coast cycle in February, from Whitehaven in the Lake District going to Sunderland in the North East.  A full list of Pete’s challengers sponsored by Harrison Hair Studio can be found on his website
We had a count yesterday after the event and we managed to raise £1211.75 which we are ecstatic about as we where aiming for £500 but everyone in the local community came together to show their support for Barbara and Pete, and we smashed it!
All of this wouldn’t of been possible without the hard work from all our staff and with the help from our friends Liz Ellis Cosmetics (Huyton), Louise Welsh Makeup (Maghull), Marks & Spencer’s (Aintree) and our very own Tanya who did amazing work with Barbara for the 10 years younger makeover.  Plus all the donations and amazing raffle prizes from L’Oreal Pro UK, Azure Dental (Formby), Grosvenor Digitat (Bootle), L20 Restaurant (Bootle), HHS Luxury Travel (Bootle), GHD UK and Pioneer Fitness (Bootle) who were all so generous. We had amazing live music from Ted Russet who’s a music student at LIPA, also wonderful food and drink from Harrison’s Tea Room.



PamperPad Awards 2017


We dedicated this award to YOU, our clients!


I hope this doesn't sound presumptuous but even before learning of this accolade we knew we where in with a great chance of winning this award.  Not because we think we our great or anything along those lines and far from it but because we had the pleasure of going home night after night and reading the reviews you guys where posting on the PamperPad website.  They where touching to say the least, some brought me to tears and made me feel so proud of all the work the HHS team and I do.

We have won some major awards in the past through our skill and technique, they are special but they are based on one style, one colour, one cut, one event and it's got to be what the judges are looking for on that one night.  This award is different, special in so many different ways.  The dynamics means so much more to us as this is an award that sums up our day, our month, our year, our life and our relationship with all of you 'our friends', this is your award just as much as ours!

We haven't been told how many votes we got or how many votes we won by but PamperPad sent us an email to inform us of the result on Wednesday evening and it read...

"Hi Harrison Hair Studio!  We are writing to tell you that you have won the award for the best Hair Salon in Merseyside!  A massive congratulations!  Thank you so much for taking part – your clients clearly love you!" Haylee Benton, PamperPad CEO & Founder

To me that last sentence speaks volumes and says all that we need to know.  Between me and you I think we won it by a country mile because I don't think there's a salon out there that has anywhere near the amount of amazing clients as we do, we are so lucky to have all of you and we are so appreciative of this!

Here are some of my favourite quotes from your reviews x

 "HHS work incredibly hard to put the client at the centre of everything they do." Peter Reynolds 
"It has changed my life and given me my confidence back." Steph Harris 
"Fabulous cut and finish, amazing staff and brilliant customer service as usual. A lovely cup of coffee thrown in too and I'm a happy lady" Jane McGregor
"Excellent personal service every time. I have used Harrison's Hair Studio for years and wouldn't trust any other stylist." Karen FitzGerald

There are too many to mention them all but i'm that proud of them i'm going to start popping the odd one on the website pages.

Thank you all once again x


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