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L'Oreal Tecni.Art - Is It Worth the Hype?... 💁🏽💁🏼‍♂️


L'Oreal Tecni.Art - Is It Worth the Hype?... 💁🏽💁🏼‍♂️

When it comes to hair styling products, many people are sceptical, and for good reason! Not everything does what it says on the tin, and for most you pay much more than they're worth due to the hype built around them. Everyone wonders if they should really buy the product or if it would just be a waste of money. But we know a range that really is as good as it says, and we work at Harrison Hair Studio hard to prove this!

L'Oreal Professionnel's 'Tecni.ART' styling range has been around for a while, and it just continues to get better in our eyes! We decided to do a little digging and see if we could compare what L'Oreal say about Tecni.ART products to what our stylists think of them, so that we can show you how honest their advertising is. (P.S. we only did this for the products we sell in the salon - otherwise the results wouldn't be fair!) We asked the stylists a few questions about each product, and we weren't disappointed with the answers...


Air Fix

What They Say: Extra strong fixing spray. Fix range, force level 5. Suitable for all hair types, extra strong hold, enhanced shiny look, quick dry, no visible residue.

What We Think: Couldn't agree more! As an extra strong fixing spray it is key in holding those styles into place, and with a force of 5 out of 6 is proven to do it's job. As L'Oreal's website says, it dries quickly and leaves you good to go!


Fix Anti-Frizz

What They Say: Anti-frizz hairspray. Fix range, force level 4. Suitable for hair prone to frizz, strong fixing results, controls the look of frizz, no visible residue, controls the look of frizz for up to 24 hr*, ensures enhanced shiny look.
*Instrumental test.

What We Think: Fix Anti-Frizz is a must for those who have untrustworthy hair in that pesky weather that ruins your 'do. We can completely vouch for all that L'Oreal says about this product, right down to the shiny look it gives!


Fix Design

What They Say: Strong hold spray. Fix range, force level 5. Suitable for all hair types, fixing, gives hold, gives texture, no visible residue, natural looking result.

What We Think: Fix Design is one of our best-selling products, and for good reason! Holding a style into place, particularly on shorter hair, is hard to do and this does it - no wonder it's so loved! For a product to have a force level of 5 and leave no residue is very hard to find, so we're glad it's on our shelves.


Fix Move

What They Say: Light hair gel. Fix range, force level 4. Suitable for all hair types, gives hold and control, light-weightless movement, sculpt and texturise effect.

What We Think: This gel is the closest we come to sculpting products, as this is all we need! Fix Move is as light and weightless as L'Oreal tells you it is, because you don't need any more weight than this for the job to get done properly! While weightless, it still adds plenty of texture for that 'done-undone' look.

FullVolumeExtra_TecniArt_Stylist Award.png

Full Volume Extra

What They Say: Strong volume mousse. Volume range, force level 5. Suitable for fine hair, gives extra volume effect, strong hold.

What We Think: If it's volume you want, then it's volume you'll get! With added strength, this supplies your hair with the body you want that'll last all day. All the effort is applying the product to wet hair and Full Volume Extra does the rest of the work for you!


Liss Control

What They Say: Smooth & control gel-cream. Smooth range, force level 2. Suitable for unruly hair, gives smooth effect, volume controlled, 24 hr* anti-humidity protection.
*Instrumental test.

What We Think: Exactly what it says on the tin, for 'unruly hair' that just won't do as it's told. By adding volume and smoothing the hair simultaneously, but without feeling like there's product in it, it's such an easy product to use and is so rewarding! We love Liss Control.


Liss Control+

What They Say: Intense smoothing serum. Smooth range, force level 1. Suitable for frizzy, wavy or rebellious hair, gives smooth effect, volume controlled, 24 hr* frizz look tamer.
*Instrumental test.

What We Think: At force level 1, you can't even tell there's Liss Control+ in your hair, but it still works it's magic! Similar to it's sister product, it tames hair that misbehaves, and gives you a solid day's worth of wear before you need to tackle the mane once more. We love this for a good, tame blow dry!


Morning After Dust

What They Say: Invisible dry shampoo. Texture range, force level 1. Suitable for all hair types, style reviver with up to 24 hours* of time release perfume.
*Instrumental test.

What We Think: We swear by Morning After Dust exactly when we need it - the morning after! While we don't always need this as a dry shampoo in the salon, you can bet we use it when a client wants some texture for that extra messy look (and the stylists can vouch for using it on lazy days, too!)



What They Say: Thermo-modelling spray. Volume range, force level 4. Suitable for thick hair, shape fix, grip and hold, perfect for bouncy curls and wavy hairstyles, volume finish, help with root lift.

What We Think: Pli is a complete holy grail product here at HHS, as we can firmly say we couldn't do what we do without it! It's a hit with stylists and clients, because it does absolutely everything - it's heat activated so it works wonders in a blow dry, it gives volume, it lifts roots, it holds EVERY style we do, we can't fault it! It sounds like we're just listing L'Oreal's qualities for Pli, but it really does do everything they say!


Super Dust

What They Say: Volume and texture powder. Volume range, force level 3. Suitable for all hair types, volume and texture effect, gives grip, strong bodyfying effect, matte finish, enriched in texturising powder.

What We Think: Super Dust is another firm favourite for volume and texture at HHS, it's a shame we don't get to use it as often as we'd like because it's such a best seller! It's a brilliant product to use when your hair needs that boost, and even better because you can use it on the go. We don't know anyone who doesn't love this one - it's foolproof!


Volume Lift

What They Say: Root lift spray-mousse. Volume range, force level 3. Suitable for all hair types, fine or flat, gives root life and volumised effect, supple and light feeling lengths and ends.

What We Think: Volume Lift is perfect for those who find themselves giving their hair a little ruffle when it's styled. We use this as often as we can to show people how much of a confidence boost it is to have volume at your roots! It might not seem the most exciting, but in our eyes it's definitely a game-changer.

We were thrilled with these results! It goes to show that not only is L'Oreal a reliable brand, but they're trustworthy and don't try and tell you a product does something it doesn't! It also proves that we sell some of the best styling products on the market right here at HHS, and now we have the evidence to back up our claims - it's a yes from us! 😁

Pick up your Tecni.ART products from our salon now* - we even price match internet giants LookFantastic so you get the best deal around! You can't pass that up! 🛍


*Available while stocks last.


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