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This is Barbara Rouse and she was nominated by Michael Brennan of the Bootle Action Group as the person most worthy of our head to toe 10 Years Younger makeover!

Barbara is an outstanding member and pillar of the Bootle community.  She has raised thousands for local charities including £3000 by abseiling from the top of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral as "SpiderNan" for Throat & Mouth cancer after battling the disease herself back in 2013.  Barbara also sits on numerous local committees including Friends of Derby park, Bootle Action Group, she's on the board of governors a Hugh Baird college, oh and she managed to save local community YMCA!

And YES I do feel like I should be doing more for the local community after writing this... do you?

So i'm sure you agree Barbara does deserve this Harrison Hair Studio 10 Years Younger makeover! #HHS10YY

See the finished transformation on Monday 13th November!

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10 years younger before and after
10 years younger makeover

This Barbara Rouse who was nominated by Michael Brennan(Bootle Action Group, Founder) after he read our article in the 'Bootle Champion' for the #HHS10YY makeover.

Here's what Michael had to say about Barbara and also why we thought Barbara was very much a worthy recipient of the #HHS10YY makeover.

About 8 years ago Barbara saved the Bootle YMCA from closure and now runs it with her husband Ken.  She is chair of Friends of Derby Park and has been raising money for years to keep events going at the park.  She's vice chair of Bootle Action Group and to be honest i'd be lost without the support she has given me.  Barbara is also a governor at Hugh Baird, she sits on a panel at area committee meetings and she is also involved in other charitable work.  Basically Barbara's heart is in Bootle and she 100% deserves this!

We are not alone on agreeing Barbara deserves Liverpool's best makeover, as soon as Barbara was nominated and we found out what an amazing lady she is, our friends Liz of Liz Ellis Cosmetics and Louise of Louise Welsh Makeup said they both wanted to get involved and help give Barbara the ultimate Pamper that she deserves!

Tanya treated Barbara to a "Pretty Women" personal shopping experience this week in Aintree's Marks & Spencers, helped by their in house personal shopper Emma and they even treated Barbara by doing her makeup for her Birthday!

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