Liverpool salon manager

"I love my job and the challenges it brings, there's never a dull moment and our clients are the best"

As salon manager, Leanda is responsible for and maintaining our great customer service, staff performance, public relations, marketing and also ensures a great client experience is delivered 100% of the time. As you can imagine, Leanda wears many ‘hats’ and she fills several rolls throughout the salon and this why I have recently nicknamed her my little ‘Tasmanian devil’ as you can always see her whizzing through the salon!

Leanda joined HHS as an apprentice in 2014 after studying for her NVQ in college.  After completing her apprenticeship Leanda became a fully qualified hairdresser late in 2016, she was excellent at all aspects of hairdressing, to add to her skillset she also excelled with her customer service and has a great knowledge of the salon business.  Early 2017, Leanda realise she wanted a change in career direction and because of the excellence she had shown in the business side of the salon, we offered her the role of salon manager.  This is a role that she is now relishing and I’m sure she will continue to do so for years to come but don’t fret, all that training didn’t go to waist as in busy times she still occasionally gets involved on the salon floor plying her trade skills!

Leanda helps organise and has a great involvement with all our events, from recruiting models, organising photographers and make up artists.  When you see a HHS photograph there is always one certainty and that’s Leanda has a part in creating it!

Leanda is keen to grow her skills even more and has recently completed a L’Oréal diploma in Salon Business with the director of Richard Ward Hair (Chelsea) - Hellen Ward.  She has also recently completed a second diploma in Business Marketing with Shaw Academy.

Name: Leanda Tootle    

Position: Salon Manager

Length of service:  4 years

Favorite food: Asian

Favorite restaurant: Matou

Favorite book: Any Jane Green

Favorite sport: Shopping!

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Career highlights:

Start my Hairdressing career at Harrison Hair Studio 2014

Graduating at Andrew Collenge 2016

Became manager of Harrison Hair Studio 2017

NW L'Oreal Colour Trophy Award Finalist 2014

NW L'Oreal Colour Trophy Star Award Winner 2014

National L'Oreal Colour Trophy Star Award Finalists 2014

Liverpool's best independend Hairdressers 2015

NW L'Oreal Colour Trophy Award Finalist 2015

NW L'Oreal Colour Trophy Mens Award Finalist 2015

National L'Oreal Colour Trophy Peoples Choice Award runner up 2015

NW L'Oreal Colour Trophy Award winner 2016

National L'Oreal Colour Trophy Award Finalists 2016

Winner of Merseyside's Best Hair Salon in the PamperPad Awards 2017

NW L'Oreal Colour Trophy Award Finalist 2017

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